Fă ceea ce voiești să fie întreaga lege
Dragostea este legea, dragostea sub voință
Ordo Templi Orientis - România

Liber CC – Resh vel Helios

Class D /

An instruction for the adoration of the Sun four times daily.

Liber XXXVI – The Star Sapphire

Class D /

The Star Sapphire – Crowley: “An improved ritual of the Hexagram”.

Liber XXV – The Star Ruby

Class D /

The Ritual of the Star Ruby – Crowley: “An improved form of the ‘lesser’ ritual of the Pentagram”.

A Memorandum Regarding Liber CI

A clarification by US Grand Lodge Grand Master Sabazius X° on the applicability of Liber CI to the present day.

Liber CI – An open letter to those who may wish to join the Order

An epistle of Baphomet to Sir George MacNie Cowie VIII°, enumerating the duties and privileges.

Liber CLXI – Concerning the Law of Thelema

An epistle written to Professor L.B.K. who also himself waited for the New Aeon, concerning the O.T.O. and it’s solution of Property, and now reprinted for the General Circulation.

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